Think Nouveau(think new)

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Think Nouveau is a boutique creative studio that strives to think about digital communications in new ways. We're not like your traditional communications agency — we're small, so we can move fast and efficiently. Our creative workflow is experimental and iterative, guided by the scientific method.

Specializing in the art and science of storytelling, we create content, campaigns, and products that educate, entertain, and inspire. Founded by Vanessa Grass, a scientist and creative with graduate degrees in Neuroscience and Data Science, as well as a background in the arts, we bring a unique blend of expertise from different fields to our work.


Our creative approach is informed by neuroscience & psychology, tapping into factors key to engaging communication:


The human mind is a prediction machine, constantly guessing what comes next. When something deviates from the expected, the brain takes note. Understanding that humans crave novelty as much as they take comfort in predictability, we craft creative work that breaks the mold. Doing so sparks curiosity, grabs attention, and sticks in the audience's minds.


In the era of fake news and AI-generated content, today's audiences have an innate "B.S. detector" — a finely tuned radar for detecting dishonesty. More than ever, the heart of impactful creative work lies in realness. We prioritize telling your story with authenticity, ensuring that your narrative isn't just fluff but actually establishes a foundation of trust and credibility with your audience.


Humans often don't behave rationally, but rather, are profoundly driven by emotion. Everything we sense can trigger emotion-inducing chemicals in the brain. Emotional connection is not about manipulation, so with ethical consideration, we create strategies to connect with your audience on a genuine emotional level while respecting their autonomy.

Clarity & Brevity

When it comes to information overload, the mind often suffers from decision fatigue. Clarity and brevity are priceless currencies in the attention economy. Studies show our brains love when information is easy to understand and messaging that is short and sweet is easier to act on. With this in mind, we craft your communications to be clear and concise, laser-focused on your message.

Companies & Clients worked with

Expertise across diverse industries

  • Science & Research
  • Tech & AI
  • Health & Wellness
  • News & Journalism
  • Beauty & Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Consumer Goods
  • Nonprofit

Creative Services with an interdisciplinary twist


Like any robust science experiment, research is also at the heart of great creative work. Ranging from product marketing to journalistic narratives and everything in between, we have expertise in asking the right questions, analyzing information, and discovering insights.

Creative Direction

Akin to a hypothesis, creative direction defines the essence of a brand, company, or project under development. Whether it's educational content or a beauty product ad campaign, we're skilled at crafting the look and feel, ensuring a genuine connection with your audience.


Just as methods guide the execution of experiments, so does strategy for creative work. We have a plethora of experience devising strategic roadmaps running the gamut from AI products to nonprofit initiatives, planning the what, when, and where of your messaging.

Copy & Design

Great ideas, whether they be scientific or creative, mean little without language and visuals to communicate them. Whether it's a website for a tech platform, marketing for a lifestyle brand, or content for news articles, we craft copy and designs that make a lasting impression.


Our approach to video production involves meticulous planning and execution to ensure every frame serves a purpose. From conveying complex health information to a video ad for a new wellness product, we create immersive and accessible video content on a wide range of topics for diverse audiences.

Presenting & Hosting

A unique service offering, we specialize in hosting and presenting for science, health, wellness, and tech industries. Whether it's an educational video, webinar, or virtual event, we integrate principles rooted in both neuroscience and the performing arts, to actively engage audiences and ensure your message is not just heard but deeply understood.